LGV-HGV Theory Test

LGV-HGV Theory Test

In the DVSA test, you have 1 hour and 55 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark for this part is 85 out of 100 questions.

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Braking systems 59 question(s)
Braking systems

Types of braking system, using your brakes properly, connecting the airlines, maintenance and inspection, draining air tanks in freezing conditions, driving with anti-lock brakes

Drivers' hours and rest periods 72 question(s)
Drivers' hours and rest periods

Obeying driving limits, following tachograph rules, keeping the correct records, tiredness, vehicle security

Environmental issues 64 question(s)
Environmental issues

Reducing fuel consumption, road surfaces, refuelling

Essential documents 21 question(s)
Essential documents

Documentation, regulations, the driver's responsibility

Incidents, accidents and emergencies 50 question(s)
Incidents, accidents and emergencies

Breakdowns, what to do at the scene of an incident, dealing with a vehicle fire, reporting an incident, safety in tunnels

Leaving the vehicle 20 question(s)
Leaving the vehicle

Parking, leaving the cab, health and safety, security

Other road users 82 question(s)
Other road users

Passenger comfort and safety, vehicle stability, passenger care, older passengers and those with disabilities

Restricted view 34 question(s)
Restricted view

Mirrors and blind spots, awareness of your vehicle's size, reversing large vehicles

Road and traffic signs 82 question(s)
Road and traffic signs

Signs, road markings, lane markings, traffic lights and warnings, signals given by drivers and the police, road lanes

The driver 98 question(s)
The driver

Consideration towards other road users, safety equipment, mobile phones when driving, fitness to drive, medication, emergency vehicles

The road 129 question(s)
The road

Different weather conditions, parking at night, using lanes, dealing with gradients, reducing risk

Vehicle condition 81 question(s)
Vehicle condition

Wheels and tyres, vehicle maintenance and minor repairs, cold weather, trailer coupling

Vehicle loading 70 question(s)
Vehicle loading

Security of loads, weight distribution, transporting of loads

Vehicle weights and dimensions 62 question(s)
Vehicle weights and dimensions

Vehicle size, loading your vehicle, vehicle markings, speed limiters