How to Apply for your first Provisional Driving License

How to Apply for your first Provisional Driving License

Having a provisional license means that you are a beginner. And wanted to get licensed to drive any vehicle with freedom. What exactly is a provisional license? For the safety of the driver, there are few limitations. Limitations made on a provisional license are not legally enforced. A provisional driving license ensures you to practice your driving. To practice driving for a certain duration.

What is a Provisional Driving License:

A license with special terms and conditions. This is also called a Provisional Instruction Permit as well as Provisional Learner Permit. The License is given usually to people of 15 to 18 years old. After you get 16, you are able to drive alone legally. You need a Provisional Driver License for six months almost with you while driving. With the help of this permit, you are allowed to drive with an adult who is 25 years old or above.

Furthermore, a provisional driving license is divided into two parts:

✓ P1

✓ P2

How to get a Provisional Driving License:

Provisional License P1:

A student Learner license is a C class permit, which is an offered time duration. The time is given to the candidate to drive and practice your driving on the main roads. For the learner license, you should finish a DkT test. Furthermore, pass the visual perception too after you pay the fee for the license. With the C class license, you are given a logbook or requested to download the logbook application. To get all the important instructions and rules for driving. 

While driving with P1 Provisional permit P-plates are required on the vehicle. It is necessary for others to have the idea that you are a learner and an unpracticed driver. For the P1 license, you should be 17 years of age and should pass the driving test. 

The total cost of this test is about $47 per attempt while the fee(P1) for provisional License is $59. 

Provisional License P2:

As you are driving for around 12 months with the P1 permit and will have P2. Rules for driving are equivalent for both P1 and P2. P plates must be visible from a distance that each driver must realize that you are a beginner and learning how to drive. P1 License is for 12 months and after you pass through the Hazard Perception Test you can apply for driving Qualification test. The test costs nearly $47 with the Provisional License fee(P2) $93. Don’t use your phone while driving a vehicle

The rules for Provisional license are the following:

✓ Utilize Bluetooth or hands-free

✓ Do not use mobile while driving

✓ Use loudspeaker

✓ Under 25 must not drive a vehicle between 12PM and 5 AM

To get a provisional license, you have to:                                                                                                  

✓ The minimum age is 15 years old to apply  

✓ You have to complete a drivers education class

✓ Already have am an instruction permit 

✓ Fill the application by visiting local DMV for a provisional permit

✓ To comply with the offered drug or alcohol test

✓ You need to pass an eyesight test

What do I require for my provisional Driving License application? 

For your Provisional Driving License, you need both of your parents signature on the application. As they are financially responsible for you after signing the application. Depending upon our condition, you may be able to get the application form online. If you have not completed your driver’s training, you will definitely need the signature of your driving instructor’s on the application. To get prepared for your license, you can pass a teen driving course so that it becomes easy for you to pass and prepare you for you to drive safely.

The DMV requires the following: 

✓ Your full name

✓ The Social Security Number

✓ A copy of birth certificate for the verification

✓ Documents for verification of residency

✓ Verification of insurance (your parents insurance)

✓ Completed driver education tests and enrolled in a driver training program.

✓ To pass the driver’s knowledge exam

✓ Rules for Provisional Driving License:

✓ There should be no alcohol in your blood 

✓ Don’t drink and drive

✓ Do not cross the speed limit by 10km/h or more.

✓ Four or more demerit points should not be accumulated during the provisional license period.

✓ Do not drive high powered vehicles before the age of 25

Safe driver reward (free license renewal)

You'll be rewarded for your protected driving practices and will get a letter to confirm that you didn't acquire any penalties as a learner. Your permit will be free for the first year after your provisional period if you didn't commit a traffic offense while on P plates.  If you get a license suspension request for a traffic offense, you won't be qualified for the free license renewal. If your suspension request doesn't identify with a traffic offense.For example a stopping fine. This won't affect your criteria for free renewal of your driving license.

When you get your first full license renewal notice it will offer a one-year free renewal option or a five-year option at the cost of four.

If you lost your Provisional Driving License:

If your driving license is stolen you must contact and inform the police. To replace your license you’ll need to have the following:

✓ You should be a resident of Great Britain 

✓ You should not be disqualified from driving for any reason

✓ To pay £20 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Delta debit or credit card

✓ Provide addresses where you’ve lived for the last 3 years

✓ Provide your driving license number, National Insurance number, and passport number for the verification of your lost License.


This article acts as a guide about What is a Provisional Driving License and how to get a Provisional Driving License. All the details that make it easy for you to know everything about Driving License. The process of license renewal with all the required documents and their verification has been mentioned above.

To make the process easy to understand for everyone who is willing to apply for Provisional Driving License If you want to get the right information you must go through all the details mentioned above in the article.

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