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Highway Code

Before you appear for your theory test, make sure you're fully prepared for it. Our website will help you achieve passing score by providing you access to:

  • Over 700+ revision questions from the DVSA
  • Mock theory tests to get you ready for the real thing
  • Pass the Highway Code Test the first time
Car Theory Test

Don’t Be Part of The Wrong Statistic. Pass Your Highway Code Test

Less than 50% of persons who take the Highway Code test pass. That’s not a statistic that you want to be a part of. This means wasted money and time as you have to pay again and resit the test. It could mean lost work and business opportunities as you can’t get or renew your driving licence.

But you can beat the statistics and be on the winning team. And all you need to do is prepare the right – and easy – way for the DVSA Theory Test.

Sign up for Premium and get all the tools you need to successfully take and pass the Highway Code Test. Studying with us ensures that you’re fully prepared for the official theory test.

The 4-Step Process to Highway Code Test Success

Improve your chances of passing the highway code test (even without the highway code)

Review the Highway Code

Studying the Highway Code PDF alone isn’t the best way to prepare for the theory test. But, it can help you to check if you’re covering all the necessary categories to pass the Highway Code test.

Use Easy Online Tests

The Highway Code is best studied using online practice tests and mock tests designed for you to learn and be ready for the test. Ready it alone won’t do; you need practical test experience.

Prep for the Highway Code Test

Use the mock tests to check your preparedness for the real DVSA theory test. The mock tests are timed, just like the real theory test. So, you can see if you’re ready to move to sitting the test.

Pass Your Theory Test

Once you’ve used the practice tests and simulation tests, you should be ready to take on the real test. When you’re confident that you’re ready, simply visit the gov.uk website and book the test online.

Study The Official DVSA Highway Code With the Right Practice Test Platform

The right study platform can significantly increase your chances of passing the Highway Code Test. Here’s How Easy Theory Test works with you to do just that.

Practice Using the DVSA Test Categories

Our test questions are organised according to the categories outlined by the DVSA. This allows you to follow an ordered process in keeping track of your study questions and choosing how you prepare for the test.

Over 700+ Practice Questions

With the many categories and the length of the Highway Code, you can understand that there are a lot of possible questions that could be drawn upon. So, whether it’s 50 questions for the Car Theory Test, or 100 questions for the LGV test, we want you to be fully prepared for anything.

Unlimited Test Attempts

You have one chance to pass the theory tests. A do-over requires that you pay again and choose a new test date. So, it’s important that you go in that test centre as ready as possible to pass the theory test. Let’s get you to that point of confidence to take on both the multiple-choice and hazard perception parts of the DVSA theory test.

Your Study Resources in 1 Place

Our Smart Dashboard allows you to keep track of all the test questions and mock tests you try. And all these questions are based on the Highway Code. It’s an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that’s personalised to your test practices and results. So, sign up to Premium so you can know just how prepared you are to sit the theory test.

Track Hard Questions

We admit that some of the questions in the theory test can stun us a bit. But, if you know which questions you tend to answer incorrectly or which categories give you the most trouble, then you can refine your study process. That’s what the Challenge Bank does – keeps track of your difficult questions so you can go back to them.

Get Statistics on Your Progress

These are the statistics you should focus on – not the failure and pass rate. Your personalised performance analysis report shows in detail just how ready you are based on your practice test results and how much of the study bank of questions you’ve gone through.

Study the Highway Code the Practical Way with a System that Works

Here’s why the Easy Theory Test platform works to get persons just like you ready to pass the theory test.

Real Highway Code Questions

The practice test and mock exam questions in the Easy Theory Test question bank are all related to the UK Highway Code. Therefore, they are UK-specific test questions and are updated each time the Code is updated.

Accessible Anywhere

In preparing for the Highway Code test, you can access our test questions and mock test 24/7. So, you can study when you can, anywhere and get ready in the easiest manner that will improve your chances of passing.

Strategically Study and Learn

You want the full test platform so you can study in a more interactive way and access all levels of questions that could appear on the test. Plus, you’ll retain more this way and get through the Code much faster.

Tailored for Fast Learning

Each question comes with an explanation of the answers so you can learn the meaning behind the rules and regulations of the road. This allows you to study and practice all at the same time as you get ready for the real test.

You Retain More Information

Reading alone won’t help you retain the information in the Highway Code. But our test questions allow you to practice while you learn with immediate results and explanations of all answers, so you retain more as you study.

Upgrade for More Value

Our free tests are a great starting point to understand how the real test works. And most free practice tests start out with the easier knowledge questions. But when you upgrade to Premium access, you get more study questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


The UK Highway Code is a set of guidelines, mandatory rules, and information about road safety, using the roads, and vehicle rules.

They are equally applicable to pedestrians, cyclists, bikers, and drivers. However, persons who want a licence must sit and pass a theory test based on the Highway Code. These tests include:

  • Car Theory Test
  • LGV/HGV Theory Test
  • Motorcycle Theory Test

The Code also addresses rules for mobility scooters, driving in certain weather conditions, about animals, road works, road and vehicle markings, signals. And of course - know your traffic signs. There are more than 150 road signs and you need to learn all of them because you don’t know which ones will pop up on your test.

You can learn more about the areas and categories covered by the Highway Code by clicking here.

The number of questions varies depending on the test you’re taking and the pass mark as well. For example, an LGV/HGV test comprises 100 multiple-choice questions and 19 hazard perception test clips. A motorbike or a car theory test only has 50 multiple-choice questions and 14 HPT clips.

The pass mark for the car/motorcycle test is 43/50 for the multiple-choice and 44/75 for the HPT. (You can get up to 5 points on each HPT test question. The longer you take to respond to the hazard, the lower your score.)

The pass mark for the LGV test is 85/100 for the multiple-choice and 67/100 from the HPT.

You must get a passing grade in both parts of the test (multiple-choice and HPT) for it to be considered a pass.

Knowing how to answer the Highway Code test questions is critical to passing the theory test. The right platform gives you all the resources necessary to not just practice the test questions but also learn while you’re doing so.

With Driving Theory Test, you get a personalised study process that reduces the complexity of studying for the test. Then, you’ll be confident and ready to sit and pass the test.

You can book online with the DVSA at https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test. When booking, make sure you have your UK driving licence number, an email address, or a credit or debit card.

Highway Code Articles


Since its first publication in 1931, the UK Highway Code has gone through many revisions as our road networks, vehicles, and safety regulations change. There is also one Highway Code for England, Scotland, and Wales, and a modified version for Northern Ireland. So, when you’re studying the Highway Code, make sure you’re using the correct version for the jurisdiction you’re in.

The goal of the Highway Code is to help drivers, riders, motorcyclists, and pedestrians understand the requirements of driving safely. It’s also about helping drivers be considerate of other road users. If you can understand and apply the information contained in the Code, then you’re well on your way to passing the driving theory test.

What’s included in the Code?

The Highway Code outlines the rules and regulations for driving on UK roads. There are 307 rules of the roads under 14 sections of the Highway Code. These sections are namely:

  • Rules for pedestrians
  • Rules for users of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Rules about animals
  • Rules for cyclists
  • Rules for motorcyclists
  • Rules for drivers and motorcyclists
  • General rules, techniques, and advice for all drivers and riders
  • Using the road
  • Road users requiring extra care
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Waiting and parking
  • Motorways
  • Breakdowns and incidents
  • Roadworks, level crossings, and tramways

Now, in addition to the numbered rules, there are also additional sections dealing with light signals controlling traffic, signals to other road users and by authorised persons, traffic signs, road and vehicle markings. Then of course there are the eight (8) annex sections and other information.

You can view the sections of the Highway Code here.

What we have listed are the primary sections of the code. Each section has sub-sections that covers different areas. For example, under Rules for drivers and motorcyclists (which are rules 89 to 102), you'll find the following topics:

  • Vehicle condition
  • Fitness to drive
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Before setting off
  • Vehicle towing and loading
  • Seat belts and child restraints

The Highway Code is essentially the sum total of the knowledge you need to learn and apply to pass the DVSA theory test. The Code is a pretty comprehensive document to learn. But, only knowing what's in the Code won't help you pass the test. You need to understand how to apply what you have learned. This is because the official test questions won’t be the same as you see in the Highway Code or how the information is presented in the Code.

The test is designed to check your knowledge of the information, so memorising the Highway Code won’t help.

Learn the Highway Code with Easy Theory Test

This is where understanding how to learn and pass the Highway Code comes in. And why practise test questions and answers and mock tests are so critical to help you prepare.

The highway code undergoes various revisions, so it’s important that you’re studying the latest version. Some revision may be of a moderate nature, but others can be quite big, such as drunk driving limits or various safety regulations. And that if you’re using an app or online test platform, make sure they offer updated questions like Easy Theory Test.

You know you need to learn the Highway Code if you want to pass your driving theory test. Because the Highway Code is relevant to all the following tests:

  • Car theory test
  • Motorcycle theory test
  • LGV/HGV theory test
  • PCV theory test

So, how do you get to learn the contents of the Code as quickly as possible so you can answer the theory test questions and answers?

The best way to learn the Highway Code is a combination of studying the manual and using online practice tests and mock exams.

Why the practice tests matter

The practise tests allow you to see whether you can apply the knowledge you've learned studying the manual. All the manual gives you are just facts about the law and requirements for driving on UK roads. But how you interpret that for different driving scenarios is key to answering the test question correctly.

Because how the information is presented in the manual is not how the questions are phrased on the test.

Here is an example.

In the manual, you'll see various rules related to Using the road. In the Code, these would fall under rules 159-203 with various subheadings like:

  • General rules
  • Overtaking
  • Road junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Reversing

Rule 203 states: You MUST NOT reverse your vehicle further than necessary.

So, on your driving test, you may be presented with a simple question like as follows:

Q. What distance are you allowed to reverse?

Choose One:

No more than the length of a car

No further than necessary

Over the length of a residential street

As long as necessary to get around a corner

Now, this question and answer example is pretty straightforward if you have been studying the Highway Code. But not all the test questions and answers will be that simple. For example, you could also get a question that merges two topics that reads something like this:

Q. You realise you have taken a wrong route, but you’re on a one-way street. What should you do?

Choose One:

Turn your vehicle around and go back to the correct route

Reverse as long as necessary to get back on route

Continue to the end of the one-way street and find another route

Reverse into a driveway

Now while this question mentions reversing, your understanding of the road rules will let you know that reversing on a one-way street is dangerous, and illegal.

Getting ready for the theory test

If you’re not sure that you could have answered those 2 questions correctly, then the practice test questions and answers would help. They give you multiple scenarios and types of questions on the same topic to test your understanding of the Highway Code. And while they do that, you get an explanation of the right answers and why the others are incorrect.

Now, there are close to 1000 questions in the DVSA theory test question bank for them to give you any random 50 for you to answer. Because of this, you need to know how to answer each question based on the scenarios presented and have an idea of the many ways 1 question can be phrased.

The DVSA theory test pass rate is low. More than 50% of the people who take the test annually fail. Without a pass, there goes your hope for a motorcycle, car, PCV or HGV licence.

So, to help you make the most of your studies leading up to the actual test, here are 6 Highway Code theory test tips.

1. Get an up-to-date copy of the Highway Code

Now many of us may have an old, well used copy of the Highway Code at home somewhere. But, since the rules and regulations contained in the Code are regularly updated, you’re going to want the newest version of the Code to help you study.

If you’re not into physical books, you can always access the code from the gov.uk website here.

2. Study like any other test

The driving theory test is just that – and examination of your knowledge of the Code and application to real-life situations. So, you need to put in the effort just like with your GCSE or any other exam you might have done.

Make use of the mock tests on Easy Theory Test, which gives you access to questions that are timed and presented like the real test.

3. Use practise questions and answers

Practise makes perfect – if you know how and where to practice. You can use free practice questions online or upgrade to access more questions and the bank of mock exams to help prep for the test.

The more you practice using test questions that are just like the real test, the higher your chances of passing.

And no, you can’t just go through memorizing the test questions and answers because they may be phrased differently in the real test. So, what you should focus on is learning the information and how to apply it in any test or real-world situation.

4. Set a date for your theory test

With a date in mind, you know how much time you have to get ready for the test. This will drive you to study harder and complete the many test questions and mock exams in the study platform.

5. Have sufficient time to study and revise

Cramming is never a good idea when it comes on to the driving theory test. With the amount of information that you need to learn, it’s just not feasible. Plan out your study timetable and set your test day with sufficient time to revise.

6. Use your test practice time and flag questions options

Now this tip relates to the actual test itself. If you’re feeling pressured or overwhelmed on test day, take some time to relax by trying the practice questions between each test section.

If you encounter difficult questions, flag them, and return when you’ve finished the others, so you don’t waste time.

What’s next for Highway Code for you?

Studied the highway code? Now it’s time to test your knowledge against these online practice test questions. Didn’t pass our free mock test? Then it’s time to follow our test tips to get ready for the real deal.

Are you looking for the best theory test app 2024? One that can teach you the Highway Code and help you prepare for the driving theory test?

Now the DVSA has an official highway code app for both android and iOS which it first released in 2012. It has undergone several upgrades since to make it easier for persons to study for the test.

But as with most apps, there is room for improvement. Like complaints have included quizzes at the end of sections asking questions not related to the section studied. Or you can’t continue from where you left off when studying which most online platforms allow.

And most highway code apps take up a lot of memory, some coming in at more than 1GB of memory space. That’s a lot for an app where you can access an online platform that does the same thing without eating through your available memory space.

What to look for in a Highway Code app?

Theory test questions

Make sure the app has sufficient theory test questions for you to practice. The DVSA has a bank of nearly 1000 questions it can pull from. So, having more options to practice gives you a better grasp of the types of questions and possible ways they may be phrased.

Hazard perception clips

This is the second part of your theory test and one of the areas that most people fail. If you’re not able to identify and click on the potentially hazardous situation as soon as it becomes a developing hazard, then you won’t be able to get the points for that question.

Ensure the app has sufficient HPT clips and that they are as interactive as the online platforms and the actual test clips.

Highway code with road signs

Knowing the road signs is an essential part of the driving theory test. And there are more than 50 of them to learn. Your driving theory app should help you go through all the signs in preparation for passing your test.

What’s the best way to learn the Highway Code?

While an app can help you practice on the go, there are certain limitations to using only the app. That’s why we recommend combining app use with an online platform. Here are a few reasons why.

  • With the online platform, when you use a computer, it’s almost like a simulation of the real test.
  • With a platform like Easy Theory Test, you’ll get explanations for each test question and answer as your work through them
  • It gives you more options for managing your study, such as grouping questions in your study bank, tracking your progress and improvement, etc.
  • The hazard perception test will be difficult to practice in an app since you’ll be using a mouse or larger touchscreen in the test.

Each app offers something different. Some apps offer test tracking but without an option to choose the type of tests you take. Or they fail to include certain sections of the Code in the available study material. It’s difficult to find one app that provides all you’ll need to study for the test.

So, make sure you have a platform like Easy Theory Test that offers all the areas you need to study and learn for test readiness.

All road users must be aware of the Code. But we guide you in studying the right material so you can pass the theory test and be that much closer to getting your licence. Study the easy way with the Highway Code. Sign up to Driving Theory Test and see how much easier it is to pass the theory test with our Highway Code test questions and answers.

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