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Before you appear for your theory test, make sure you're fully prepared for it. Our website will help you achieve passing score by providing you access to:

  • Over 700+ revision questions from the DVSA
  • Mock theory tests to get you ready for the real thing
  • Pass the Highway Code Test the first time

Don’t Be Part of The Wrong Statistic. Pass Your Highway Code Test

Less than 50% of persons who take the Highway Code test pass. That’s not a statistic that you want to be a part of. This means wasted money and time as you have to pay again and resit the test. It could mean lost work and business opportunities as you can’t get or renew your driving licence.

But you can beat the statistics and be on the winning team. And all you need to do is prepare the right – and easy – way for the DVSA Theory Test.

Sign up for Premium and get all the tools you need to successfully take and pass the Highway Code Test. Studying with us ensures that you’re fully prepared for the official theory test.

The 4-Step Process to Highway Code Test Success

Improve your chances of passing the highway code test (even without the highway code)

Review the Highway Code

Studying the Highway Code PDF alone isn’t the best way to prepare for the theory test. But, it can help you to check if you’re covering all the necessary categories to pass the Highway Code test.

Use Easy Online Tests

The Highway Code is best studied using online practice tests and mock tests designed for you to learn and be ready for the test. Ready it alone won’t do; you need practical test experience.

Prep for the Highway Code Test

Use the mock tests to check your preparedness for the real DVSA theory test. The mock tests are timed, just like the real theory test. So, you can see if you’re ready to move to sitting the test.

Pass Your Theory Test

Once you’ve used the practice tests and simulation tests, you should be ready to take on the real test. When you’re confident that you’re ready, simply visit the website and book the test online.

Study The Official DVSA Highway Code With the Right Practice Test Platform

The right study platform can significantly increase your chances of passing the Highway Code Test. Here’s How Easy Theory Test works with you to do just that.

Improve your theory test study process

Track your study prep progress

Study the Highway Code the Practical Way with a System that Works

Here’s why the Easy Theory Test platform works to get persons just like you ready to pass the theory test.

Real Highway Code Questions

The practice test and mock exam questions in the Easy Theory Test question bank are all related to the UK Highway Code. Therefore, they are UK-specific test questions and are updated each time the Code is updated.

Accessible Anywhere

In preparing for the Highway Code test, you can access our test questions and mock test 24/7. So, you can study when you can, anywhere and get ready in the easiest manner that will improve your chances of passing.

Strategically Study and Learn

You want the full test platform so you can study in a more interactive way and access all levels of questions that could appear on the test. Plus, you’ll retain more this way and get through the Code much faster.

Tailored for Fast Learning

Each question comes with an explanation of the answers so you can learn the meaning behind the rules and regulations of the road. This allows you to study and practice all at the same time as you get ready for the real test.

You Retain More Information

Reading alone won’t help you retain the information in the Highway Code. But our test questions allow you to practice while you learn with immediate results and explanations of all answers, so you retain more as you study.

Upgrade for More Value

Our free tests are a great starting point to understand how the real test works. And most free practice tests start out with the easier knowledge questions. But when you upgrade to Premium access, you get more study questions.

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All road users must be aware of the Code. But we guide you in studying the right material so you can pass the theory test and be that much closer to getting your licence. Study the easy way with the Highway Code. Sign up to Easy Theory Test and see how much easier it is to pass the theory test with our Highway Code test questions and answers.

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