How to get driving license in UK | Pass your driving theory test

How to get driving license in UK | Pass your driving theory test

Driving is excellent! But not everyone can drive that is why it’s better to get licensed and then drive. A number of people drive before getting licensed and few of them possess their license waiting for renewal. Driving cars is beneficial, but few of the youngsters drive before their age. A driving license is, however, authorized permission by the government to operate any vehicle. 

Before you drive any vehicle on a public road you need to have your license with you. To get your license you must apply for the provisional driving license.

Applying for Provisional Driving License:

Turning seventeen, the best time to apply for DVLA provisional driving license. The law states that if you are 17 years of age or above you are eligible to drive a car. To get Provisional Driving License you have to be a resident of the UK and meet the specifications as well as eyesight requirement. If you have issues regarding your eyesight, you must wear glasses or contact lenses to reach the minimum eyesight specifications. Otherwise, it's an offense to drive without glasses if you are having eyesight issues. 

You can simply apply online to the government offered websites and apply online. To get yourself registered you need:

  • UK passport or any proof for identity

  • Your National Insurance Number

  • Current address where you lived at least for three years.

Your provisional license will arrive in two to three weeks but if you apply online it will take less time. A confirmation email is sent to confirm the application you applied for.

For the bike:

The minimum age is 16 years for bike license and it varies with the power of the bike, it may be from 17 to 21 years. And after passing the motorcycle theory test you are eligible driving motorbikes.

For the minibus:

To drive a minibus, you must have a full car license to apply for the provisional license.

For medium-sized vehicles:

To drive a medium-sized vehicle, you need a full car license with the minimum age of 18 to apply for a provisional license. 

Parts of Driving License:

The driving license is passed through different processes as the driving test UK requires all the appropriate information of the applicant regarding every test.

  • Learner License

  • Applying for the test

  • Medical driving test

  • Theory driving test

Medical test:

To get your driving license you must submit your medical reports that show you can drive easily without any difficulty.If someone is suffering from any of the epilepsies, sudden fits or seizures he or she should not drive any vehicle. You must be conscious and physically fit while driving any vehicle.It is important for you to inform DVLA in case of any discomfort or any disability you face after getting your Provisional License otherwise you will be charged £1,000.00. 

On the other hand in case of an accident, it can be prosecuted. Those who feel any discomfort or disability should surrender their license to the DVLA.

Theory Test:

The most crucial part of the process is passing the driving theory test. Everyone should acquire knowledge about what driving is? And what are the basic rules of driving? In addition to it, the theory test is divided into two categories:

  • Multiple choices 

  • Hazard perception test

Multiple choices are generally asked questions with four possible answers and you need to select an appropriate one. The multiple-choice question contains almost 50 questions with a duration of 57 minutes while the hazard test contains 14 questions with a duration of 1 minute per video clip. There are almost 50 questions out of which you need to pass 43 correct answers. 

While hazard perception is the videos that require a certain condition to observe the difference and take actions accordingly. Hazard perception test is further divided into two types:

  • Developing hazard

  • Potential hazard

Developing hazard requires action while the potential hazard requires no action at all. By watching VGI videos on the internet, you can easily practice for hazard perception test.

How to book car theory test:

The theory test can be booked by the following ways:

  • Online on their website

  • By making a call to the service providers

  • Downloading the form and apply by post

The most effective and less time-consuming way is to book the theory test online. This requires no effort but few simple steps as confirmation to book your driving test online.

Renewal of the driving license:

After every ten years, you must renew your driving license. It is essential to be updated on time. The DVLA will update you with a reminder that your current driving license is about to expire. In the case that you have provided a valid application you many continue driving on your old license until unless the new one arrives.

You don’t need to pass the car theory test for the following vehicles:

  • Taxi test

  • Tractor test

  • Test to upgrade from automatic to manual transmission

  • Test to progress through the bike categories

  • Car and trailer test

  • Lorry and trailer test

  • Bus and trailer test

  • Large lorry test 

  • Large bus test

Day of driving test:

You need to make sure that the car you arrive in is the car you take the test in. Confirm that it is insured and is road legal too. If you use their car for driving test with the instructor make sure that the car you are using is appropriate and ready to use for the test. Arrive 15 minutes before the test starts so that you have plenty off time to get your car parked. Make sure you bring your photocard for driving license to the test center. Without photocard, you won’t be able to take the test as well as take your theory test certificate also.


To get a driving license in the UK you need to pass a driving theory test. For the comfort of the readers all the details including the requirements as well as the age limit for every vehicle. Applying for a new driving license or renewal of the old one all the information including the process is listed above

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