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700+ DVSA Revision Questions

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Practice Tests

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Hazard Perception Test

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Mock Tests

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Pass Guarantee

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Progress Tracker
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Free Mock Tests

Access the ultimate free UK theory practice tests online. Our free tests give you the right foundation to prepare and pass your Drivers Theory Test.

Premium Content

Upgrade for access to premium test questions. You get more tests and a wider range of questions to pass the 1st hurdle on your way to your DVSA test.

Unlimited Retests

Review your answers during and at the end of each test. See the areas you need to improve. Then take the tests as often as you need to get ready.

Compatible Across Devices

Practice anywhere on the go or at home. Our theory mock tests can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, desktop –wherever you're comfortable.

The Smarter Learning Tools

Smart Dashboard

Our well-designed and easy-to-understand dashboard gives you instant access for all your performance statistics. The smart dashboard is ideal for keeping track of your progress through the practice tests and being able to access all the tests quickly.

Performance Analysis Report

View your performance statistics from your smart dashboard. It will help you to identify your weak and strong areas, what you need to practice more of, and anything you might have missed. Compare current and past practice results to see your progress.

Challenge Bank

The Challenge Bank helps you keep track of all your missed questions. The questions you answered incorrectly will be placed in the Challenge Bank automatically. Then you can return and practice just those questions until you can answer them correctly.

Learn The Faster Way

Interactive learning

It’s harder to study a driving test just by reading the book. Interactive learning is the engaging, hands-on approach that strengthens your skills and helps you retain more. It promotes rapid learning and makes it easier for you to study at a faster pace.

Progress Reports

Your mock tests are scored just like the real theory test. So, you get to follow along to the same structure and keep track of your progress as you practice. Plus, your smart dashboard enables you to track your improvements with all your mock tests.

On-the-go Learning

We mean learn anywhere when you sign up for Easy Driving Test. Our platform is accessible anywhere and on any smart device. So, you can practice our free tests or your premium content anytime and whenever you have time to do a practice session.

Which test do you want to study for?

Choose the theory test you want to prepare for and start practicing.

Car Theory Test
Motorbike Theory Test
PCV Theory Test
LGV Theory Test
ADI Theory Test

Want to pass your UK theory test ... without worrying about what questions are on the test, how to respond, and what to expect?

It's funny how persons just like you are passing their tests on the first try, yet so many people fail continuously. So, who would you rather be? Someone who uses the right resources and passes the test? Or are you planning to wing it and hope for the best?

We suggest you forget about winging it unless you're OK with wasting time and money. Instead, take the easier route to UK Theory Test success. Get ready and easily pass when you prepare with Driving Theory Test.

Before you book your theory test, practice with the ultimate FREE and premium Driving Theory Test questions designed to help you practice, learn, and pass.

From Provisional to Full Licence the Easy Way

Easy Theory Test provides all you need to move from provisional licence to full driving licence in no time. You get access to:

The most current DVSA theory test revision questions

Questions based on the type of vehicle you want to drive (car, lorry, bus, and motorcycle)

High-quality hazard perception test practice videos

Traffic sign tests for the over 150 types of traffic signs

UK-Specific Questions

The UK has specific driving requirements. Our mock theory tests, therefore, follow the UK Highway Code to ensure you not only are getting relevant questions, but that those questions are updated when the DVSA updates the Code.

Study by categories

We've made it easier for you to study by categorizing the tests according to the topics you are most likely to be tested on. You can keep organized, study by topic, and be better able to assess how ready you are for the big test.

Practice 700+ study questions

Yes, you read that right. 700+ study questions because you can be tested on any aspect of the Highway Code, road safety, and vehicle rules. We want you to have the best chance of passing your theory test on your first try.

Unlimited attempts

Because there are so many elements of the theory test that you need to know, we have given you as many chances to practice to help you pass. So, you get unlimited attempts at each category and driver theory practice questions.

Is DTT Right for you?

Well, let's see.

Do you want to ...

Take tests that are just like the real thing?

Have access to practice tests on the go?

Access quality videos?

Skyrocket your chances of success?

Take on the road confidently?

PLUS, there is even more you can do with Easy Theory Test

Save time and cash

No one wants to waste time and to keep paying for something over and over again when they could do it in one go. These practice tests ensure your time is spent wisely in studying the right types of questions so you can sit and pass with ease.

Increase your confidence

Going into the test without fear makes a lot of difference in your outcome. And the only way to get rid of that fear is to be prepared. Take your confidence to the next level and step into that test knowing you'll be exiting with a pass.

Get unmatched value

You'll be blown away with the quality of our free tests. But our paid practice tests? These get you closer to your end goal much faster. Enjoy value for money with one of the most affordable paid UK theory practice tests online.

If this all sounds like what you're looking for when you're ready to take on the UK Theory Test, then you're in the right place. Easy Theory Test is the right resource for you to pass your driver knowledge test on the first try.

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Why Upgrade to Premium?

What would you do if you were to get access right now to what is probably the best theory test practice online? Where you know that the test questions are up to date? That you’re being given the best chance of passing the UK theory test on your first go? Where the costs to do so makes more sense than just attempting random free quizzes?

Get access now to full test simulation questions and over 700+ questions from the DVSA revision question bank.

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HPT Test

What is Driving Theory Test?

class="text-center">This is a platform for proven and tested, in-depth practice training quizzes designed to help you prepare to pass the UK theory test.

Practice theory test questions that are just like the real DVSA theory test

See where your shortfalls are and whether you're prepared enough to pass

Practice the difficult questions as often as you want until you can take them under test conditions

Get increased practice support when you upgrade to the paid practice questions

And get yourself ready to take on the test like the pro you know you are

But more than that, the Driving Theory Test platform gives you the confidence you need to take the driving theory test so you can ...


It doesn't matter if you don't have the computer skills, you never read the highway code manual, or you failed your first (or more) test.

The ETT is designed to help all persons - no matter where you are on your study/test prep journey - to start practising the quizzes.

Get Ready to Pass the 2020 DVSA Driving Theory Test

What does the best website to practise the theory test look like? What can you expect when you want the best tools, resources, and guarantees for passing the UK Theory Test? This is what it looks like.


Like the real test


So much like the actual test, you might think it’s the real thing. Because our questions are drawn from the Highway Code, you get the same type of questions, delivered in the same structure as the DVSA driving test. Practice questions for the multiple-choice test and the hazard perception test.


Free Tests


Test out the waters with our free tests. Then, when you’re ready to get even more serious, upgrade to premium test content. We’ve seen people get great results just from the free theory tests alone. So, imagine what you could do with the premium test content from Easy Theory Test.


Instant Results


Know exactly which questions you get right or wrong and why. Then you know which areas you need to improve to get ready for the test. Is it remembering what the road signs mean? Or how to respond to a hazard? Improve those areas you know you’re not as strong in.


Faster Prep Time


Get ready faster the Easy Theory Test way. Learn as you practice and shorten your preparation time to sit the test. Use all the resources and tools at your fingertips anywhere. Access quality revision tests online, and learn all the tips and tricks to prepare the right way for a pass.

Learn At Your Own Pace. How the ETT practice theory test works.

Here's how to make sure you're ready for the theory test.

1. Read the Highway Code manual

Start learning the rules and regulations of the road. You can access the Highway Code manual online in PDF so you can take it anywhere with you.

2. Practise the Tests

The Highway Code all makes sense when you start the practice tests. And you may also see how little of the manual you retained. Take our mock theory tests that cover all sections of the Highway Code. Use the theory test simulator which generates new questions each time you take a test.

3. Retake the Complex Questions

Get highly targeted with your study prep. Focus on your weak areas and retake the difficult questions until you can answer them correctly every time. Come back to these questions and sections as often as you need to get ready.

4. Pass Your Test

Now it's time to put all your preparation to work for you. So, getting 100% in your mock tests? Aced the simulator tests? Then it's time to take on the real deal. Make an appointment with your local DVSA testing centre, sit and pass the test.

So, how ready are you to pass the official driving theory test?

Can you sit the less than 1-hour test, with 50 multiple choice questions and get 43 questions correct? Think you can get 44 points out of 75 on a hazard perception test? Can you do it all without any practice or even knowing what to expect on the test?

But the UK government website has practice questions. That's all you need, right?

We don't think so, and neither should you.

Not when you can access even more practice questions online. Questions so close to the real deal that on test day you feel like you've seen the test questions already?

That's why you need to study online with our revision tests. Our practice tests:

  • Cover the same topics you will be tested on in the driver theory test
  • Give you similar questions to what's on the official theory test
  • Give you practical questions based on the Highway Code manual for accuracy and relevance,
  • Use a similar scoring system to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as part of simulating a test environment

Easy Theory Test is the efficient way to prepare to pass your UK theory test. We take the best of both worlds - practical study questions and a gamified approach - to make it easier for you to get ready for the test.

Take our UK driving theory revision tests. Practice topics separately and in chunks online or offline on the go. Learn as you practice at your own pace.

Which test do you want to study for?

Choose the theory test you want to prepare for and start practicing.

Car Theory Test
Motorbike Theory Test
PCV Theory Test
LGV Theory Test
ADI Theory Test

Preparing for the UK Theory Test

Take a sneak peek into what awaits you when you sign-up for practice tests with Easy Theory Test. Depending on the type of vehicle you plan to drive, then the test will differ. Here's a quick description of each type of test and what to expect.

Car Theory Test

Hazard Perception Test

Motorcycle Theory Test

PCV Theory Test

LGV Theory Test

ADI Theory Test

Road Signs Test

Which test do you want to study for?

Choose the theory test you want to prepare for and start practicing.

Car Theory Test
Motorbike Theory Test
PCV Theory Test
LGV Theory Test
ADI Theory Test

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