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Are you ready to embrace your independence and enjoy the freedoms of taking on the road on your own? Do you want to make sure you can pass on your first go so you don’t have to face the hassle of being in the 53% of people who have to retake the test – sometimes with multiple resits?

Well, if you are ready for freedom and better pass chances, here is where you get one step closer to passing your theory and hazard perception tests.

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The Easy Theory Process on How to Pass the DVSA Theory Test

Get the UK Highway Code

It’s very difficult for you to pass the DVSA Theory Test by just reading the Highway Code. But it gives you a great starting point and allows you to see that our questions are on-point.

Practice Premium Online Tests

Our practise test questions are all based on the updated Highway Code. You can take a test run with our free tests and then upgrade to Premium for access to over 700+ test questions.

Take the Mock Tests

When you’ve finished going through the test categories and questions, it’s time for a simulation exam. The mock tests are just like the real test so you can see if you’re ready for it.

Sit the Theory Test

Passed your mock exams without trouble? Confidence at its peak to take the real thing? Now you’re ready to take on the DVSA Theory Test. Book the test, get there early, and sit and pass.

Why We’re The Easy Practice Test Platform

All practice tests aren’t the same. Some use generic content that doesn’t fit the UK Highway Code or driving conditions. What we promise to you is that you’ll get practice test questions ideal for UK driving and testing.

The Easier Way to Study for the DVSA Test

Premium Means Personalized

The Magic Behind our DVSA Practice Tests

Driving Theory Tests designed a platform to help the first time and repeat test-takers make better use of their study time online and prepare faster to pass the theory test.

UK Specific Test Questions

You study the right material with our HPT tests. They are designed based on the Highway Code. The clips are as realistic as possible to potentially hazardous situations here in the UK to make it easier for you to pass the test.

Free & Premium HPT Tests

Our free tests give you a head start. But our premium resources ensure you can go the full distance to DVSA test success. So, start free and get a feel of it. Then, upgrade when you’re serious about passing.

Just Like the DVSA Test

We make our mock tests just like the real test and our practice questions similar to the real thing. That way you know what to expect on the test, and you can prepare much faster to sit and ace the DVSA Test.

Prepare Anytime, Anywhere

Learn on the go with our easily accessible practice test questions. Use any device anywhere with an internet connection to log into your account and keep learning. The more you study, the better your chances are of passing.

Strategic Study Plans

Keep track of failed test questions. Study by categories. Hate reading long documents like the Highway Code? Just practice the questions and learn as you go. You choose how best to study, so you’re in control.

The Winning Formula

The theory test has an over 50% failure rate. We are making sure you are not in that statistic. With unlimited attempts and immediate results with explanations, you are getting access to the right formal for test success.

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Make sure you’re not in the over 50% of people who fail the DVSA Theory Test. Prepare the right way with the Easy Theory Test platform. Start on the right footing and see how easy it is to ace the test on your first or next attempt.

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