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Hazard Perception Test

hazard perception test

Do you wish to drive a car/motorcycle but need to pass a UK theory test? Don't you worry, our instant guide will help you fulfill your dream.

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Tired of waiting on family to be able to go anywhere even though you are at the legal age to drive? Want to take the UK theory test but uncertain of your chances of passing? Used up all the free online hazard perception tests but still feel unsure about passing the theory test and especially the HPT section?

Here’s what you can do today to ensure you can get ready to take on the road.

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Download the Highway Code

Passing the hazard perception test is generally one of the more difficult parts of the UK Theory Test. So, in addition to getting the Highway Code, you need real examples to help.

Study Premium HPT Questions

The premium HPT questions are designed to give you the feel of the real test questions. You know what to expect and can identify hazards quickly for tests and in real-life situations.

Try the HPT Mock Test

Test your readiness for the UK Theory Test with a mock HPT exam. Get back to studying with the practice questions if you don’t pass. Book the real test if you passed the mock tests.

Sit & Pass Your HPT

It’s the simple, easy way to HPT success. Complete your Highway Code review, practice the test questions, and pass the mock tests? Then you’re ready to book, sit, and pass your test.

Making The Right Choice When It Comes to Online Practice Tests

The Hazard Perception part of the UK theory test trips up a lot of test-takers. That’s part of the reason why the pass rate is so low. It’s also why you need to choose your practice test site carefully. Here’s Why Easy Theory Test ranks amongst the best websites for practice test questions.

Study UK Road Rules With Ease

The Faster Way to Study

The Secret to the Success of Our HPT Practice Tests

The secret to the Easy Theory Test platform is in the quality of the tests, the accessibility across multiple devices and our unique Smart Dashboard that gives you total control of your study experience. We make it easy to pass, whether you’re taking the test for the first time or not.

UK Specific Test Questions

Our test questions are based on the UK Highway Code which guides the actual test. So, instead of using generic practice questions, start your study process the right way with better and more specific practice tests.

Free & Premium Access

Try our free quizzes or upgrade to premium for access to the winning formula to help you pass the HPT Test. With Premium, you get to practice with more HPT questions so you can study even better for the test.

Similar to the Real Test

The HPT is the technical part of the test. So, if you don’t know what to expect, it’s harder for you to pass this section. Our premium HPT practice questions and quizzes give you a solid foundation to ace the real test.

HPT Tests are Accessible

Access your HPT practice questions on the go so you can keep studying anywhere you have a chance to. The more you practice and study the questions, the higher your chances of acing the hazard perception test.

Study Tactically

It’s not just about reading the Code and trying the questions. It’s about understanding the structure of the test and preparing strategically. We give you all the tools, unlimited attempts, and questions to study just right.

The Winning Method

We know how difficult it is to pass the test. That’s why our system to study makes it so much easier to get the basics, learn as you practice, and access the over 700+ questions easily, so you end up with a passing grade.

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We’re ready to help you ace your hazard perception test. Just sign up for premium, study using our practice video clips, and see how quickly you improve in answering HPT questions.

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