4 Steps To A Full UK Driving Licence

4 Steps To A Full UK Driving Licence

Everyone loves to drive but is always afraid by the long process of getting a full UK driving license. In our society, we always prefer suggestions from others before doing anything. Many of the people present this process as complex and tiring that is why people most of the time avoid driving to ignore the driving process of getting themselves licensed. 

But this is not right, nowadays the process of getting the UK driving license has been made easy by following a few simple processes which do not need long queues or a lot of documentation.

Applying for a Provisional Driving License

  • Book your practical driving license.

  • Book your theory test.

  • Book your driving test.

Step 1: Applying for a Provisional Driving License:

Learning how to drive? Although it is a crucial process without this, you cannot learn to drive. Therefore, you require a provisional driving license to get a full driving license and for that, you need to apply for it. But the question is how to apply for Provisional Driving License and where to apply? The answer to your question is easy, the process is simple and understandable.

When to apply:

To apply for the provisional Driving License, you need to get 16 years old or above. This does not mean that you are allowed to drive at the age of 16. You should be at least 17 years old to drive a car with a provisional license.

The process to apply:

There are two options to apply, apply by post or apply online. While the cost for both options is different from each other. To apply for a driving license online is an easier and cheapest process. However, to apply online you fulfill the details at the moment and get confirmed by the confirmation email but by post requires a copy of all your documents and the charges by post are different and high.

To apply for driving license online you need:

  • Documents for identity confirmation

  • Debit or credit card

Step 2: Book your Practical Driving License:

With the Provisional Driving License, you need to go for the next step, to book your driving test. The process is easy but before you begin to look for good driving schools it is important for you to know what kind of test are you searching for. Whether you are looking for automatic or manual driving lessons. You must have a good driving instructor guiding you all over the driving tips and rules for easy driving. 

You need to practice well before your practical driving test. A good driving institute will help you polish your skills before the test so that you might qualify at a single attempt.

An expert will help you in a better way and can have an idea of what you have in you and what you should be guided to pass the test.

Step 3: Book your Theory Test:

The theory test is the logical information every driver must know before driving. The theory test is not about long paragraphs and questions. The test theory is divided into two parts:

Both tests are of total 50 minutes which has few logical multiple choices to answer as well as to spot the difference in various video clips presenting certain situations that occur during driving. If you will fail one test you will definitely fail others and need to reapply for the test.

The document requires to book the theory test:

  • Your provisional driving license

  • Debit card for payment

  • Valid email address for a confirmation email

How to book the theory test:

You can book the theory test in three ways.

  • Online

  • By post

  • Or by visiting the driving center

How to book Online:

  • Go to the official website and follow a few simple steps: 

  • Select the 'Book Online' button. 

  • Select log in 

  • Enter your details and select 'Continue'. 

  • Choose the type of test. 

  • Choose your nearest location. 

  • Choose the free date and time. 

  • Enter the payment details. 

  • Confirm the fee and pay. 

  • View, print or email your confirmation. 

Step 4: Book your Driving Test:

The final step towards the Full Driving Licence and then you are free to drive anywhere anytime. If you pass your practical driving test you will be able to get your green provisional license to red. Red is the color of a full driving license. Your driving instructor will let you know what you have practiced well for the test and now you are ready for your final driving test. Book your driving test by phone or by the website provided. 

You can book it according to your time schedule and pay online. Once you book your driving test, you need to practice through the mock tests given by your instructor. To help or prepare you for the test.

All you need to take with you:

  • A provisional driving license to exchange it with full driving license 

  • A car if you wanted to use your own car for the test.

  • Theory test certificate

You don’t need to pass the theory test for the following vehicles:

  • Taxi test

  • Tractor test

  • Test to upgrade from automatic to manual transmission

  • Test to progress through the bike categories

  • Car test

  • Lorry and trailer test

  • Bus and trailer test

  • Large lorry test 

  • Large bus test

Reschedule the test:

If you are having some urgent work and you can't be there on the booked day of the test. You need not worry at all as you can change the booking details of your test by talking to the customer service provider. By online website or making a phone call, you can change the date of your test. Just inform DVSA, three working days before the test so that it is easy for you to:

  • Change your appointment with another day.

  • Cancel your current appointment.

  • Reschedule your appointment for another day.

  • Refund the test fee.

Informing three days before the test, the charged fee for the test can be refunded and there will be no additional charges for this. It is difficult to refund the fee for your theory test if the date of your test is passed. Furthermore, a new booking fee will be charged for the new date.


To get a driving license in the UK is not that difficult as we thought by following these four basic steps you can get licensed easily. Driving is good, but with licensed you are secured too. The driving license lets you pass every certain condition you face while driving. That is why it’s necessary for you to get licensed and drive.

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