Do you have an idea of Theory Test cost in the UK?

Are you stressed about theory tests and their process? There is nothing to worry at all, everyone needs to pass the driving test once in their lifetime. Driving test is considered the most difficult test by many people as they are having many misconceptions about the theory test and its processes.

Likewise how to book theory test online? How much does theory test costs? Etc. The UK theory test provides every information for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Theory Test Price:

Looking forward to the initial steps of getting your car licensed? Firstly, get to know about the theory test and what is driving theory test fee. There is a variety of vehicles we drive every day that is why the driving theory test costs are different also.

Theory test also has its own categories that is why the theory test fee is different for every type of test. You must know the costs for every test including all the theory test and practical tests. Therefore, depending upon the category the theory test booking price for both lower good vehicle or high good vehicle are not the same.

The prices for different driving theory tests are listed below:

Car Theory Test:

The cost of the car theory test is almost £23.00 To check how prepared are you for the DVSA driving test a mock test is introduced.

Motorcycle Theory Test:

The motorcycle theory test costs almost £23.00. The minimum age is 16-17 years for applying.

Driver CPC Part 1: Multiple Choice Cost: 

The charged fee for this test is £26.00. This is an online test that consists of 50 MCQs out of which you need to pass 43.

Abridged Car Theory Test: 

The car theory test cost £18.00

Driver CPC Part 1: Hazard Perception Cost: 

The Hazard perception test costs £11.00. The following test has 14 video clips that consist merely of a few incidents and situations.

Driver CPC Part 2: Case Studies Cost:

The cost of this test is almost £23.00.

Approved Driving Instructor Part 1 Test Cost: 

The amount charged for the approved driving instructor is £81.00.


All the theory test cost and their specifications related to different vehicles are merely mentioned in the above article. Most of the time we mix the costs of the car theory test in confusion that is why a for the help of the concerned customers, all the prices with the exact amount provided so that the information regarding every test and their costs remain clear in their minds.

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