Driving licence recognition and validity

Driving licence recognition and validity

For every vehicle, you need to have a driving license too. In order to drive any vehicle, you must be 17 years or above. The driving license is basically legal permission. To drive any vehicle anywhere anytime. Driving without any permit can make you get fined.

What are the Requirements for the Recognition of Driving License:

In order to verify your Driving License, the Driving License online helps you verify your license at home. You only need to provide the details asked for the verification of your driving license.

✓ Log in to the page

✓ Fill in the details required for identification

✓ Your driving license detail will appear on your screen.

To get yourself a driving license you need to pass these tests:

Every test has conditions that test your ability to drive a car. And without passing each you are unable to have a driving license. You have to pass the medical test to prove that you are physically fit to drive any vehicle. Furthermore, a theory test is a knowledge test that has two parts. If you fail, you are unable to qualify for the other one. 

✓ Medical test

Theory test

✓ Practical Driving test

How to check the validity of your Driving License:

To check the validity of your driving license, you need to look at the expiry date mentioned on your driving license. The validity date is the date you were issued a driving license. While expiry date is the date, that from the following day your license is going to expire and you need to apply for a new one.

For example:

If you are issued a driving license for 5 years and in the last month of the fifth year it is going to expire you need to apply before it expires.

What if your driving license expires:

To drive without a valid driving license is considered illegal. However, the DVLA may send reminders of the expiry date of your driving license. You are responsible to ensure that your license is going to expire and need to get renewed. 

Driving license Exchange:

Only one driving license is issued at one time. No one can have more than one while if you move to another country you might have to exchange your old one. But you don't need to exchange it for a local one.

Obligatory Exchange of your Driving Licence:

You have to change your driving license in the following cases:

✓ The driving license you have is lost, stolen or damaged

✓ After 2 years of usual residence, if you have got a driving license with an indefinite validity period (only if this is often required by the national authorities within the country where you live)

✓ You have committed a traffic offense in the country where you currently live.

If you want to Exchange your Driving Licence:

The previous state in which you are living must be contacted in order to exchange your driving license within the current authorities all the information is to be confirmed. After the confirmation of the information that either your old driving license is restricted, suspended, or withdrawn. In order to exchange an old-style permit, a new standard format for the driving license will be issued.

Driving without a valid driving license can bring about a heavy fine. And can get three and six penalties on your license. Your vehicle can likewise be seized. Vehicles of offenders can be squashed/discarded by the police.

What you need to renew your Driving License:

To renew your driving license online, you need:

✓ Valid UK passport

✓ You need to be a resident of Great Britain. 

✓ A MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Delta debit or credit card to pay the fee online ( you will be charged no fee if you’re over 70 years or have a medical short-period license.)

✓ The required address of where you’ve lived over the last 3 years

✓ Your current driving license (you must mention the reason if you do not have your license you must say why in your application.)

✓ The National Insurance number 

✓ You should not be disqualified from driving.

Reasons for the renewal of Driving License:

Following are the cases in which it is necessary for you to renew your driving license:

✓ Renewing a license at aged 70 (or over)

✓ Renewing a license for medical reasons

✓ Renewal after disqualification

✓ Renewal after disqualification for some drink driving offenses

✓ Renewal after revocation (under the New Drivers Act)

✓ To renew the photo on your license

How long it takes to get renewed:

Your driving license should arrive within seven days if you apply online. You should send your old photocard license to DVLA when you get your new driving license. You'll be advised of the location to utilize when you finish the application. Your new driving license will be valid from the date your application is submitted, not from the expiry date of your present driving license.

Renewing a driving license that has been expired for some time:

If your driving license has expired for more than two years, you need to take all the driving tests again to get a new driving license. Especially in the case when your driving license expires due to your age (driving license needs to get renewed at the age of 70) the other reason is your unfit medical conditions. 

For these conditions you need to pass the medical test otherwise you can simply apply for a new license without any problem. Furthermore, DVLA will regularly need to know why your license has expired for too long.


The driving license Uk is needed to be updated at regular intervals of time in case of expiry you will be charged fines and penalties. The expired driving license will cause many problems therefore you need to update it on time. The process includes all the same car driving tests that you have given before applying for a driving license. You can apply for the renewal of your driving license online as well. The simple and easy process is made clear in the above article for your convenience.

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