Driving theory test for Car, Bike, Bus or Truck

Driving theory test for Car, Bike, Bus or Truck

When to go for theory test:

With the learner driving license, you practice all the driving rules following all the road signs. After the expiration of your learner license, you must take and pass your theory test before you apply for the final practical test of driving. Already have a full driving license then you don’t need to take another theory test in order to drive another vehicle.

Process of Driving License:

Before getting licensed, we need to pass a few steps that are essential parts of driving. As the UK driving test includes information that requires all the details of the applicant. The processes one go through are listed below:

Learner License

Applying for the test

Medical driving test

Theory driving test

UK license holders:

You take a theory test if you need a license for another class of vehicles. For instance, if you have a car licensee and you need a motorbike license you should take a category-specific theory test. This indicated the categories for every vehicle that is made only for classification as every vehicle has its own specifications and rules of driving.

It is your duty to ensure you have the correct license for the vehicle you are driving. If you are not sure you have to take a theory test, contact the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Minimum age required for different vehicles:

For the bike:

The minimum age required for a bike license is 16 or above depending upon the power of the bike. If it's a heavy bike you need to get 17 or 21 to drive. You are eligible for driving a motorbike if you have passed the test.

For the minibus:

You need to get 17 above to drive a minibus, plus to apply for a provisional license you must have a full license.

For medium-sized vehicles:

A full car license is required to drive a medium-sized vehicle as you get 18 years old to apply for it. The theory test for a medium-sized vehicle is different from other motors theory tests.

Book driving theory test:

Everyone needs to pass theory tests once in their lifetime but the question is how to book a driving theory test? There are several answers to the question, all the simple steps for the booking of the theory test are as following:

  • Apply Online on the website.

  • Call service providers 

  • Download the form and apply by post.

The easiest way is to open the offered website of DVSA and apply the details you are asked for. 

Things you need before applying online:

Valid UK driving license 

For the payment of the test, you need a Debit card.

For the confirmation of your theory test an active email address.

By filling out all the information asked and paying online with the help of the debit card you can get yourself registered for your driving theory test at home within minutes. This simple method does not require long processes but a few simple clicks.

After applying you will get the verification email from the customer provider within a few minutes and to confirm the date and day of your driving theory test with few guidelines and rules listed.

Delivery of the test

The theory test you need to pass is a computer-based test therefore, you all answers are recorded through the computer for both multiple-choice or hazard perception test, All the responses are made with the help of a mouse. If you get to pass one part and fail in another this will not let you pass your test rather if you fail in one part you will eventually get failed for your test. And you need to reappear in the test again.

You will be asked questions according to the category of your test and the category involves different kinds of vehicles like truck, car, and motorbike. Every test is different from others as every test includes different situations and different logical questions.

Multiple-choice questions:

You will be given a set of instructions before the test starts that how to answer every question. For ease of the applicant, go through the practice session of multiple-choice questions to get comfortable with the pattern of the test. The real test will begin with the end of the practice session. A question is presented in a form with four possible answers. Most of the time there is more than one answer to some questions asked in the test. Multiple-choice questions: Choosing one answer by touching the screen 

Car drivers and motorcyclists will be asked 50 questions and to pass the test you need to answer 43 out of 50. You will have an hour to respond to all the asked questions. If you have reading issues, you can apply for extra time and can get two hours to answer the questions.

Some of the questions asked in the multiple-choice test are presented in the case study form. The case study represents a situation that had almost five questions to be answered accordingly. The case study is, however, based on the real experiences you go through in your routine life while driving the car.

Hazard Perception Test:

After the break from the multiple-choice test the hazard perception test is all about videos but before the test, a tutorial is given in the form of video for the guidance of the hazard perception test. You need to pass 44 questions out of 75 in order to get a full license you need to pass both tests.

End of the test:

At the end of the test, you will be given a survey to perform that requires few questions to be answered to ensure customer satisfaction and what should be made to improve the quality of the theory test. It depends upon you if you want to answer the question or not. These survey questions won’t affect the result of your test. You will be given the result of your test within 10 minutes after you leave the test room.


The driving theory test and all the necessary things that you need to book the theory test. What is the hazard perception test and how we get practiced for both of these tests? For clarification of all your doubts regarding the theory test are cleared in a proper way that everyone can easily understand.

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