Free Mock Theory Test Guideline UK

Free Mock Theory Test Guideline UK

Practices are always necessary for you in order to get prepared for something big. And to practice for the DVSA theory test you don’t need to worry but practice so that you achieve success. To practice before you complete the final test is always beneficial you get comfortable with the pattern of the test and the questions don’t even scare you that much.

What is a mock theory test:

A mock test is somehow an official DVSA theory test that will take part in getting you a UK driving license. There are different car theory tests for the drivers of cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses, and coaches. The multiple choices in the mock theory test are as similar to the car theory test.

How prepared are you for the DVSA driving test? 

Try free mock theory test to test your preparation for your test. This mock test consists of two parts that consist of multiple choices and the hazard perception test. The multiple-choice includes 50 multiple-choice questions that need 43 correct answers. This test is a simple structure of the real theory test in detail. 

Hazard Perception Mock Test: 

The hazard perception test is all about 14 videos that cover many situations. This mock hazard perception test is a pre-test for you that trains you for the certain condition of the theory test. The free mock theory test has situations supposed to be asked in your test. You need to make a difference out of the videos and perform an action if asked.

How these mock tests help you?

The first thing you require to do is practice, by using the free mock tests. Although you have the idea of how to get along all the guidelines mentioned for the theory test. 

For example: 

If you submit a wrong answer to any question asked, the system will immediately indicate to it with a short explanation that why is your answer wrong and which answer is right. In the process of learning, you can evaluate the progress with the help of the grid on the left side.

All the incorrect answers are marked with red while all the accurate answers are marked with green. If you are not confirmed about your answer check out the hint available for the question at the corner. For each question in the mock theory test, there is a hint. 


This mock theory test is just for your help, you will not get the exact format of the theory test as you have in the mock theory test. 

To make you familiar with the pattern of the test is the main aim of the free mock theory test. In addition to that, there will be no hints to any question asked in the UK theory test.

Highway Codes:

Only by studying the Highway Code, you cannot pass the UK theory test. There are a lot of things to remember, not at once by reading highway codes you can pass the test. You have no idea what are the things that you will be tested for. Moreover, these codes are useful for learning but do not help you pass the driving test.

From the Highway Code, you will find all these sections. 

  • Alertness 

  • Attitude 

  • Safety and Your Vehicle 

  • Safety Margins 

  • Hazard Awareness 

  • Vulnerable Road Users 

  • Other Types of Vehicles 

  • Vehicle Handling 

  • Motorway Rules 

  • Rules of the Road 

  • Road and Traffic Signs 

  • Documents 

  • Incidents, Accidents, and Emergencies 

  • Vehicle Loading 

  • Vehicle Weights and Dimensions 

  • Drivers Hours and Rest Periods 

  • Braking Systems 

  • Vehicle Condition 

  • Restricted View 

  • Leaving the Vehicle 

  • Carrying Passengers 

For example:

If you study the official highway codes you are only ready for 49 percent of the test. And if you rely on them you might get failed in your car theory mock test.

Practice the mock test again and again so that you might get practiced until unless you confirmed. The mock theory test is different for every vehicle. 

  • LGV mock theory test. 

  • HGV mock theory test

As the LGV mock theory test is different from HGV mock theory test, both of these tests are different from each other. Not every test is the same that is why you need to practice every test individually. Just as the test for the motorbike is different from the car theory test. These free driver theory tests will make your mind familiar with the Highway Code and make you an effective driver. 

As you are a new driver, you will get to learn what are road signs how they work for you, road conditions as well as road accidents, restrictions, and emergencies. While having a safer driving experience from the beginning you will need to learn rules of driving any vehicle not just a car but any vehicle. 

The car theory test involves every possible situation that includes four tyres vehicles while the motorbike mock tests are all about two tyre vehicles and it does not link with four-wheel vehicles at all.

All the possible situations and questions for the mock test are different for every vehicle. The questions asked and the situations in the video clips depend upon the vehicle to vehicle. When you can experience the tests and pass the questions you are all set for your theory test as all these are for your preparations for the final test of DVSA. 


Before you start anything its always necessary for everyone to have an overview of everything. And to get yourself skilled for the thing you have been preparing for. The free mock theory test enables you to figure out where are you and how much you need more to pass the DVSA driving theory test.

The mock theory test is the final guide to pass your driving theory test as it makes you prepare for all the questions that might appear in the final test. Hopefully, the following article helped you as a guide to pass your driving theory test.

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