How to Book Your Driving Theory Test

How to Book Your Driving Theory Test

Do you want to get a full license? It’s never easy but, also not impossible. To get a full license you need to pass different processes. 

The process of getting a license involves many standard tests and to pass every test you need to get through different stages. 

The confusion created by people sometimes is that it’s a too long and lengthy process and has a lot of paperwork too but the trend is now reformed in a unique way rather than getting involved in much paperwork and appointments.

The process involves simple and easy tests:

You can book all these tests online. The established government has offered a website and with the help of that website, you can easily get access to the multiple solutions.

You can easily access the website in any corner of the world with the help of the internet. Within minutes and seconds, you can book your theory test appointment anywhere anytime.

What is a theory test?

Don't get afraid if it’s about theory test, it is not always about huge paragraphs to read or long questions to answer. 

To pass the learner test you need to clear the theory test that includes a few logical questions and situations in the form of multiple choices and video clips.

How to book a driving theory test:

There are several ways to book a theory test. You can clearly arrange your appointments and change them as well as cancel them within three working days just by following simple steps:

  • Making a phone call
  • Using the online website 
  • Download an application form and apply by post.

Documents required for the theory driving test:

Before you get yourself registered for the driving test, you must have the provisional driving license with you. 

The provisional driving license can be applied to the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA). Forms for the provisional license are easily available on their website as well.

Online booking:

The efficient and most convenient way to book your official DVA car, motorbike, bus, or lorry driving theory test online. 

While using this service, you only need to pay the cost of the test without having an extra booking charge. With these online services introduced, the paperwork has almost ended. The bundle of documents scares almost everyone, and they find it quite difficult. 

Therefore, for the booking of theory test online you must have the following:

  • Valid UK driving license 
  • Debit or credit card for the payment of the test
  • Valid email address to receive the booking confirmation

If you do not have an email address, the booking confirmation made can be sent to your address by post.

How to book: 

Open the website and follow a few simple steps: 

  • Select the 'Book Online' button. 
  • Select log in  
  • Enter your details and select 'Continue'. 
  • Choose the type of test. 
  • Choose your nearest location. 
  • Choose free date and time. 
  • Enter the payment details. 
  • Confirm the fee and pay. 
  • View, print or email your confirmation. 

Booking on the phone:

Contact the DVA driving theory test booking line for the appointment of your theory test. Except for the bank holidays, the offered services are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm.

You need only two things to get yourself registered for the test:

  • UK driving license 
  • Debit card for payment of the test

The service provider will ask you the formal details and confirms your appointment after the charged fee of your test with the help of your credit or debit. 

Booking by Post:

Download the application form to book a theory test from the website. These forms are easily available from practical and theory centers from your driving instructor. 

Cash payments are not accepted while payments can be made by cheque or postal order. In the end, send the application form to the required address.

After receiving the application, the customer service provider will shortly send you the confirmation of your application for the booking of the theory test.

Canceling or reschedule the test:

If you are having some emergency and you are unable to be on the scheduled day of the test. Don’t stress, you can easily change your schedule by talking to our customer service provider. 

With the help of the phone or the website, you can easily cancel the test. Simply enable DVA three working days before the test soo that you can easily:

  • Change your appointment.
  • Cancel your appointment.
  • Reschedule it for another day.
  • Refund the test fee.

If you inform three days before the test, the charged fee can be refunded and there will be no extra charges for this. 

But its almost impossible to refund the amount charged if the date is passed. However, a new booking fee will be charged.

Example: To cancel the test that is to be scheduled on Monday you need to inform the service provider on Friday. So that the necessary changes should be made before time.

Nonrefundable fee:

If your test is canceled because of these following reasons, you won’t get your fee refunded:

Arrive late on the test day

At the time of the test, you don’t meet the logbook requirements.

You don’t have the registered operator’s permission to use the vehicle for the test.

The test vehicle you have isn’t safe and suitable for the test.

Therefore it is always better before time otherwise you will lose the test as well as the refundable fee charged. Timely informed cancellation can save your money from being wasted.


The following article is all about how to book a theory test and the processes that are involved in the booking. Likewise, how to book, where to book and what are the requirements for the test. 

The process of cancellation and rescheduling the appointments being canceled. The theory test is not that difficult as it is made by different people and their assumptions rather it has been made easier with the help of the latest technology.

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