How to Pass Your Theory Test and Be a Good Driver

How to Pass Your Theory Test and Be a Good Driver

Before you get your full driving license you need to pass the theory driving test
There are two types of the theory test you need to pass:

  • Multiple choices
  • Hazard perception

Both of the tests are necessary to pass to get a full driving license. There are 50 multiple choice questions asked within 57 minutes. Furthermore, out of 50, you will need to answer 43 or more to pass the test. The easy process of multiple-choice, you need to pass the hazard test that involves 14 clips of different situations that includes everyday road scenes and one developing hazard. 

To get full license, you need to get learner first, and learn the basics of driving in that duration, it is the duration in which you completely understand your car as well as the road signs within different situations and after that, you need to pass the theory test and for final test you need a provisional license.

The Driving Vehicle Standard Agency has made it easier by providing a handout that includes:

Guidelines of how to drive car
Rules to drive a car on the main road
Tips to drive a car
Example question that might be asked in the theory test

You don’t need to pass the theory test again to get a switch from manual to automatic license, but you need to review all the practical questions before appearing the practical test.
To get practice the theory work you need to get practiced for hazard test too.

The books and multiple-choice questions asked to cover every situation, but the hazard test is important too. In addition to this observe the hazards on the road as well as observe the driving of others. To spot potential hazards and the art of anticipation with your observing eye.

How much a theory test cost?

The driving theory test costs almost £23 for cars. Both the practical and theory test prices are the same. You can book and pay for your theory test online. While learning to drive and Taking driving lessons are the most costly thing you have ever seen. Driving is an essential and important part of everyone’s life, and everyone learns to drive once in a lifetime. A theory test is somehow a process of learning that you have all the driving rules and information in your mind and you are going to implement it while driving.

Prepare yourself for the test:

Sleep well before the test and don’t stay late up all night. Sleep early so that you get fresh for the upcoming day.
The most important thing is that you need to bring your provisional license with you as well as your test details to get enrolled again for the theory test.
You need to pass both types of theory test if you pass both you will get the certificate otherwise you will get the time of three days to book another theory test.

When to apply:

If you are 17 years old or above its the right time to get yourself licensed. Less than 17 years are not eligible to drive or to apply for the test. Use an official government website and offered services to book your theory test.

Multiple choices:

Multiple-choice questions are the questions regarding road signs and different described situations that mainly occur in day to day life as well as the rules of driving depending upon the choice of the vehicle you choose to drive. It is easy to get yourself prepared for the multiple-choice driving test as by reading manuals and books one can easily answer certain questions. 
A few of the questions are tricky, therefore, try to read every question two times before answering this will save you from answering wrong. You are given more than a minute to answer your question so there is no need to hurry. These are usually the given situations that one need to think before answering and with certain condition choose the closest answer. You can practice theory test by the offered online theory test to get licensed. 

The offered quizzes in affordable ranges help you get practiced for your test. For convenience, you can get the offered membership and try to attempt all the tests by DVSA. Every test includes all the Highway codes and covers every single rule.

Hazard Test:

After the multiple-choice questions there are hazard perceptions that are made up of 14 visual clips that indicate different road scenes and situations and from 13 out of 14 consists of developing hazard or sometimes contains two. Depending upon the situation, how quickly you respond to the dangers appeared, you can score up to 5 focuses per danger.
What does hazard look like? There are two kinds of hazards, the developing one the potential one. The idea is hidden within the given situation, therefore, spot them very carefully.
The Potential hazard is something you see and are aware of but requires no action at all. While on the other hand, developing hazard is something you take action for just as slowing down the speed, taking U-turn as well as stopping on the signals, etc.

How to prepare for the hazard perception test:

For the preparation of hazard test, practice yourself by watching CGI and other videos that are available on the page and practice well. The given videos on the page let you practice enough before you book your test. Get comfortable enough with this test so that you won’t face any difficulties while having the real one. To get the exclusive package to unlock extra mock clips to get practiced and pass the tests in the first attempt. You do not lose points while clicking on potential hazards.

In the hazard perception test, there are no right and wrong the only thing that is being tested is your consciousness and ability to react to the developing hazards. 
By clicking on potential hazards, you will not lose your points. When you spot any developing hazard, try to click on the mouse to ensure full marks. However, do not click everything after the clip or the particular pattern this will make you lose marks as a warning message will pop up on your screen and you will lose marks for the following clip. Watch clips carefully and do not hurry if so otherwise a red flag will appear onto the bottom of the screen every time you click the mouse to spot the hazard.

Things to look for:

  • Pedestrians for crossing the road
  • Pulling of cars in front of you
  • Moving of buses from the bus stop
  • Merging of vehicles
  • Turning of vehicles
  • Braking of vehicles
  • Parked vehicles that have their hazards lights on
  • Cyclists

You have a three-minute break between multiple-choice and hazard tests to get relaxed and get prepared for the next one. You get 15 minutes before the test to get yourself used to with the touch screen and mouse so that if anything goes wrong before the test starts it should be mentioned and solved before the test so that you won’t lose your marks for these minor issues.


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