Provisional Driving Licence Guide

Provisional Driving Licence Guide

If you want to have a Provisional Driving License, you need to know everything about driving. For safe and efficient driving, you must know the rules of driving with all these you need to have a driving license also. But before you apply for a provisional driving license you need to know its process too. Everyone driving on a road has gone through several processes to get their freedom of driving. 

To get freedom driving one must know and follow all rules that save them from accidents and risky situations.No matter how expert and experienced you are, for driving license, you need to pass few tests that involve:

Provisional License P1:

Learner license is a C class license, that is given permission to the applicant to drive and practice your driving skills on the road. For the learner license, you must pass a DkT test and pass the eyesight as well after you pay the fee. 

With the C class permit, you are given a logbook or asked to download the logbook app to get all the necessary rules and guidelines for driving. While driving with P1 Provisional license P-plates are required on the vehicle so that others should know that you are a beginner and inexperienced driver.


  • P-plates are simple plates with P printed within the white background that is attached to the vehicle you drive.

  • P- plates must be clearly visible from the front.

If you fail:

How long does a provisional license take if you fail the test at first? It takes 13 days to apply again for the test. The time duration given is to practice again all your driving skills again for the test so that you pass next time.

For example: if you are under 25 years of age and have a learner license for almost 10 months, it’s necessary for you to pass a Hazard Perception Test. This is the preparation of your driving test.

It's essential for every learner to complete almost 120 hours of driving that includes both day and night time driving. The learner license issued is for five years. 

For every learner 25 years or older do not have any limited chances to attempt a test they can apply whenever they feel they are ready for it.

Obtaining a P1 Provisional Licence:

To apply for P1 provisional license you must follow:

  • You should be at least 17 years old.

  • For the license, you must pass a Hazard Perception Test.

  • Must have a learner's license for a minimum of 12 months if you are under 25 years of age.

  • The learner's license for 6 months if aged 25 or over

  • Must have spent 75 hours of supervised driving 

  • Pass a practical driving test

  • complete a CBT&A course with a driving instructor.

Laws and Conditions for a Provisional license (P1 and P2):

To drive a vehicle, you must follow certain rules and if you break any you can be disqualified. 

Following rules are :

  • You should not drink and drive as there should be no alcohol in your blood.

  • You should not cross the speed limit by 10km/h or more.

  • Four or more demerit points should not be accumulated during the provisional license period.

Few more laws that can cause you penalties:

  • Only drive the type of vehicle that is stated on the license 

  • Carry your provisional license while driving.

  • Do not drive a high-powered vehicle if you are under the age of 25.

  • You must not drive over 100 km/h.

Breaking the Rules:

Reapply for your provisional driving license if you are disqualified from driving for some of the reasons. If you are coming back to the P1 stage, you might get a new provisional license for three years that counts 1 year for P1 and two years for P2. While if you are returning to P2 you will need to get two years.


The speed limit is the decided speed that is allowed for certain normal road conditions. Furthermore, if you exceed the speed limit it can be dangerous for you and others too, and it is considered illegal as well. You will definitely fail if you exceed the limit of your vehicle at the following:

  • At the school zones the 40 kilometers per hour limit during the hours of operation.

  • The 40 kilometers per hour limit when a bus is passing by with flashing lights.

  • The learner driver speed limit.

  • Speed limits at road work.

Provisional License P2:

As you are driving for almost 12 months with the P1 license and are going to have P2. Rules for driving are the same for both P1 and P2. P plates must be clearly visible from a distance so that every driver must know that you are learning to drive. In addition to a provisional license, few more rules are listed below.

  • Do not use a cell phone while driving a car

  • Make use of Bluetooth technology or handsfree.

  • Loudspeaker operation

  • Under 25 must not drive a car between midnight and 5 AM, or more than one traveler having age 16-20 years. 

Cost of the Provisional License:

The price for both P1 and P2 are different from one another. The test costs are mentioned below:

Provisional P1 License:

For the learner license, you must be 17 years old and must pass the driving test. The cost of this test is about $47 per attempt while the provisional license fee(P1) is $59.

Provisional P2 License:

P1 license is for 12 months and after you pass the Hazard Perception Test you can move forward to the qualification test that costs almost $47 with the Provisional License fee(P2) $93.


The question in every mind is how to apply for a provisional driving license and what are the rules for having a provisional driving license. In order to learn safe driving, we must know the rules and practice well on roads. While to drive on roads we need a learner license that is called P1 while P2 is the complete 12 months license for driving. The cost of getting P1 and P2 as well as the rules that are broken are listed in the above article that acts as a guide for the one who is going to apply for a provisional driving license.

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