The driving test tips you need to know if you want to pass your Theory Test

The driving test tips you need to know if you want to pass your Theory Test

Before learner drivers consider booking their theory test, they should complete the first obstacle coming their way which is learning how to drive. Few learners just easily get through it; others think that it’s trickier to pass. 

Through driving test tips, training, and difficult work, however, you can get past the test and proceed onward to the rest of your driving process of getting a UK DRIVING LICENSE. To help you with that, we've assembled a couple of helpful tips you need to know before you go for your theory test.

1. Have a copy of The Highway Code.

The Highway Code is the best form of data collection. Besides everything, it is the thing that the Theory test depends on. For the revision of the theory test, there are many things to practice and revise online at home. The DVSA test have a section on their website for revision of theory test, correction, and practice.

If you forget to bring your provisional license with you to the theory test center, you won't have the option to sit in the test and you'll be fined $23. You have to give three working days, an announcement to avoid being charged that you have to drop your theory test for any reason.

2. Practice will make more perfection:

A number of resources can make you understand what both Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception tests are all about and how they work. By practicing a few tests or getting a companion or parent to test you, won't just raise your confidence but will also help you get over your weak points. 

You can rehearse the Multiple Choice questions of the test and watch a video on how the Hazard Perception part works online at the DVSA site.

3. Book your theory test:

It’s always productive to wait for the time to book a test. You can check and book your test on the Government site provided on the official website.

There are almost two weeks time to book a theory test. You should be prepared on the day, so it makes sense to book it on a day when not in rush– or planning for another test another day.

4. Get on the road:

Learning is a process that has various manners. That is how everyone learns in their own way. Learning and noticing the experiences that you are realizing while you are in the vehicle will help.

If you're a traveler, While you are on the driver's seat you'll be thinking hard. In spite of the fact that you'll be utilizing your knowledge, it may not be the best time for an instructor to test you on those experiences. 

In case you're in the vehicle with a parent, why not ask them to test you on situations, or spot street signs and risks as a component of your outing.

5. Be prepared on test day:

If you feel like you're the last individual in your gathering of friends to get your driving permit, do whatever but have no pressure on yourself to pass. It's more than likely there are a lot of individuals you realize who are quiet and hiding the fact that they are on their third or fourth attempt. 

Try to have a sound sleep at night and rest the day before your test. Do not go in with an empty stomach. Hunger can be a more genuine interruption than you might think. Both tests take about 90 minutes altogether. 

6. Relax:

You'll get 15 minutes to become familiar with the screen and the system. So take your time, settle in, become familiar with how everything works, and pose any inquiries you have. You'll additionally get a couple of moment breaks between tests so utilize this opportunity to re-center and take a full breath.

7. Multiple-choice questions:

You'll have 57 minutes to finish 50 multiple choice questions, you have to score 45 out of 50 to pass. There are a few possible answers to everyone, so carefully answer the question rather rapidly answering one by one in a hurry. If you get stuck on a question immediately flag it, continue and return to it later. 

Frequently, seeing it once again will help you in distinguishing the correct answer. When you've finished all the questions if you have time, it merits returning and checking your answers, as you can transform them anytime. 

We've composed a convenient manual for the theory test questions, which offers more guidance.

8. Hazard Perception:

Before you start this test you'll watch a video of how it works? You'll at that point watch 14 video clips that are highlighting normal day situations. Every feature is creating danger, however, one will contain two.

Every hazard point spotted is awarded marks that are creating risks when they begin to start. You can gain up to 5 marks per danger. Further, the earlier you detect the hazard, it is you will get a high score (Remember whether you click continuously, you won't score any award.). In case you're nervous about the test. Read the manual for the Hazard Perception part of the test.

9. Don’t fear failure:

Have confidence in yourself. You just give your best effort! Hopefully, these tips will let you know about the test, and you overcome your stress regarding the theory test. The test will highlight the areas that you have to deal with, so the best thing is to get your next test booked as soon as possible. And get some more information for yourself to get a pass in the theory test.

10. Take a mock test:

Think for a while that you're prepared for your test theory? Head over to the government-run Safe Driving for Life site and attempt their mock theory tests. However, they just offer multiple-choice questions that your mock theory test doesn't go as you expected. Furthermore, you can reschedule your theory test as long as 3 days before your test date. In case you're not feeling sure that you pass, it's ideal to hold off for a while and revise.


Hazard perception test tips and multiple choices tips both are different. But the theory test is a combination of both. To get a pass in the DVSA theory test you need to practice a car theory mock test. These tips will help you overcome your stress for the theory test. As it includes all the driving tips and the basic information you need to revise before going to the test center.

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