What is the importance of Highway Code and what are the rules to follow

What is the importance of Highway Code and what are the rules to follow

What is in the Highway Code?

Everything is in the Highway Code. All things that you need to know about street rules and guidelines is in the UK. We won't write everything that is in the Highway Code UK since we would be here for forever to help you could simply peruse the Highway Code. But we will experience the sections and the subsections to give you an idea regarding what it is all about.

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland, and Wales and is basically the law of the street. It consists of all the guidelines on everything from rules on powered wheelchairs to emergency treatment on the road. All you might need to know about how to be safe on the road as a pedestrian, driver or bike rider is contained in the Highway Code. 

Guidelines in the Highway Code are laws unto themselves, and you ignore them, at that point, you will be violating the law. This could bring penalties for you. The inability to agree to different guidelines in the Highway Code won't bring about prosecution, however, you should follow every one of them.

Strangely, the Highway Code might be used as proof in any court proceedings under the Traffic Acts to set up risk. That means you can depend upon these or it can be used against as well in case of any offence.

However UK theory test includes all Highway Codes, these are asked in your DVSA theory test to check your knowledge regarding road signs. You can practice your Highway code test online. With the help of available websites, you can practice highway code mock tests and practice well before the test.

Why is the Highway Code important?

However, it protects individuals. If everybody follows the code, at that point people on foot, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and drivers stay safe and maintain a strategic distance from accidents. This means that everybody has similar principles to follow.

Moreover, this has cleared a couple of things up about the Highway Code and what it involves. It's significant that you realize the Highway Code to avoid accidents and, as some of it is the law, punishments and potential fines or exclusion.

Rules for Pedestrians:

This section contains things, for example, the Green Cross Code and how to move toward certain circumstances. The subsections are as follows:

✓ General Guidance

✓ Crossing the Road

✓ Crossings

✓ Circumstances that require extra care

Rules for powered wheelchairs and powered mobility scooters:

The best way to utilize controlled wheelchairs and powered bikes both on the road and the pavements. The following section includes: 

✓ Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters

✓ On pavements

✓ On the road

Rules about animals:

Animals are loved by everyone. But the Highway Code applies to them also This Includes rules for animals you might see on the road, with sections such as:

✓ Horse-drawn vehicles

✓ Horse riders

✓ Other animals

✓ This section includes:

✓ Dogs

✓ Animals being herded

Rules for cyclists:

Cyclists share the road with us. You either love them or abhor them, but the Highway Code applies to them as well. Some of the sections in this part include:

✓ Road junctions

✓ Roundabouts

✓ Crossing the road

✓ You and your bicycle

✓ It gives you the information about what clothing to wear, rules on helmets and use of the cycle in the cycle lanes.

Rules for motorcyclists:

Rules for motorcyclists are almost the same but these sections includes:

✓ Motorcycle license requirements

✓ Information on helmets and eyesight questions

Rules for drivers and motorcyclists:

The important part of the Highway Code as it mentions all information and guidelines regarding driving for car drivers and motorcyclists. This includes:

✓ The condition of the Vehicle 

✓ Are you fit to drive

✓ Alcohol and drugs usage

✓ Before setting off

✓ While towing and loading of the vehicle

✓ Wear seatbelts while driving and protect your children.

Advice and general rules for all drivers:

For all drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders. This section includes:

✓ Signals

✓ Other stopping procedures

✓ Lighting requirements

✓ Control of the vehicle

✓ Lines and lane markings on the road

✓ Multi Lane carriageways

✓ General advice

Using the road:

✓ This section includes:

✓ General rules

✓ Overtaking with other vehicles

✓ Road junctions

✓ Roundabouts

✓ Pedestrian crossings

✓ Reversing 

Road users requiring extra care:

The most terrifying road users are horse riders, cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. This section contains:

✓ Pedestrians

✓ Motorcyclists and cyclists

✓ Truck drivers

✓ Other vehicles

Driving in adverse weather conditions:

This is another significant part of the Highway Code as it's important for you to know the guidelines to drive in bad climate conditions. Not only are there laws that you have known yet they additionally protect you and different drivers. This section includes information:

✓ Wet weather

✓ Icy and snowy weather

✓ Windy weather

✓ Fog

✓ Hot weather

Waiting and parking:

The worst thing about many drivers is its own devoted area of the Highway Code. This section includes:

✓ Waiting and parking

✓ Parking

✓ Parking at night

✓ Decriminalised parking enforcement


It is very important for you to know what to do on a motorway. However, if you are a new or an inexperienced driver. This section involves everything you need to know about the motorway: 

✓ Motorway signals

✓ Joining the motorway

✓ On the motorway

✓ Lane discipline

✓ Overtaking

✓ Stopping

✓ Leaving the motorway

Breakdowns and accidents:

Having an accident or Breaking down any vehicle is less than ideal. So it’s important for you to know what to do in that situation. This section includes:

✓ Breakdowns

✓ Additional rules for motorways

✓ Obstructions coming your way

✓ Incidents

✓ Incidents involving dangerous goods

✓ Documentation

Road works, level crossings and tramways:

These sections include:

✓ Road works

✓ Additional rules for high-speed roads

✓ Level crossings

✓ Tramways

Travel signs and signals:

Knowing your vehicle movement and signs on the road including signals. It is essential and the most significant part of driving.If you get to know how would you realize where you're going or what you should do? This section enables you to follow things:

✓ Direction signs on roads and motorways

✓ Information signs

✓ Light signals that are controlling traffic

✓ Road markings

✓ Road signs giving directions

✓ Road work signs

✓ Signals by authorized persons

✓ Signals to other road users

✓ Vehicle markings

✓ Warning signs indicating dangers


This section includes different information than the other sections don’t cover, such as:

✓ You and your bicycle

✓ Motorcycle license requirements

✓ Motor vehicle documentation 

✓ Learner driver requirements

✓ The road user and the law

✓ Penalties

✓ Vehicle maintenance, safety, and security

First aid on the road

Safety code for new drivers


For driving, you must know the rules of driving as well. Knowing all the rules including Highway Codes as well as the best sign that you are a good driver. For the best driving skills, you must follow all road signs, especially focusing Highway Code signs.

As these are different from regular rules of driving. But before you go for your theory test practice Highway Codes online well as its basic part of your driving theory test.

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