When can I take my theory test for driving?

When can I take my theory test for driving?

Are you confused about the theory test? Regarding bookings of the theory test for driving. It may be difficult for few to understand, but with the help of this article, all the uncertainties might get clear.

The theory test is not always that difficult to worry about. Driving license is although a simple procedure consists of a few steps:

  • Learner license

  • Medical test

  • Theory test

  • Practical Driving Test

Every step is considered important as driving is an essential part of our routine life. Driving has lessened our worries of traveling through public transportation. Instead of waiting long for the conveyance why don’t you drive your own vehicle and for that you must know how to drive. 

To drive your vehicle on the public roads, you need to get yourself licensed by the authorized government institutions. With the help of the license, you can drive any kind of vehicle without any restrictions.

We can easily drive our own vehicle anywhere without getting dependent on the schedules of public transports and cabs. To drive legally is all good but if you are driving without a license you might get charged for it. 

What is Theory Test:

The theory test is not a lengthy process as this test is based merely upon a few general questions. Furthermore, this test is divided into two essential parts:

The theory test is a simple but general that consists of all the possible situations that the driver must know before driving and to select the appropriate answer from the multiple choices given. 

The test is having 50 multiple-choice questions with a time period of 57 minutes. Don’t rush to answer rather read the question carefully and respond within one minute. On the other side, the hazard perception test is all about videos that have different situations involved. The hazard perception test involves two conditions: One requires action and the other one requires no action except the difference.

Almost 14 videos that consist of a time period of 1 minute per video. The videos are about road signs and various uncommon roadside incidents and one must spot the difference out of it. From 50 questions, almost 43 should be answered correctly. To pass the theory test you need to know the rules. The entire test depends upon driving rules and road signs.

How to book Theory Test:

The booking of theory tests can be made online with the help of the internet. The offered website by the established government has made the work much easier.

The online website saves your time from getting involved in various lengthy processes. But you can simply log in to the page and book your application online by filling out all the required information for the verification.

Choose the type of test you want to appear for and pay for it accordingly. A verification email is sent to you for confirmation of your booking.

What do I need to book my Theory Test?

To book the theory test online you require only two things and do not need any paperwork at all. For the theory test booking online you must have:

  • Provisional Driving License for verification 

  • Debit card for payment

All the work is done online, and you don’t need to waste your time visiting different offices and standing in lines everything you want is available online. You don’t need to pay for extra charges for the hazard perception test it is the part of the theory test. Every time you take the test you need to pay the fee. Both the multiple-choice test and hazard perception test are considered to be one. So you don’t need to pay separately for them. 

When to take Theory Test:

For the theory test, you must be 17 years old or above. Less than 17 are not allowed by the government to drive. The confirmation email sent to you will inform you of your test date. In addition to that, you get a reminder email one day before the test. It is to make sure you are aware of your deadline. 

The confirmation email you receive will have a proper detail of the test date, day and time. With all the details there must be few guidelines for the test too and what to bring and what to avoid. You should not practice things not allowed in the service center. The theory test can be performed online with an instant result system. The online checking of answers assures you the reliability of the system. To get results in minutes as you pass the test.

What to take to a Theory Test:

An easy process that requires no long details and documentation. You need nothing to take to a theory test except your provisional driving license and a copy of your submitted application. Do not take extra things with you while going for the theory test. If you do not speak English, in that case, a provided interpreter will help you and this service is free of cost only for first-time customers. Be on time or try to get 15 minutes before the test so that you can manage yourself with the computer devices used.

In case of any difficulty ask the service provider to solve the problem. This is beneficial for you to point the fault before the test otherwise it will cause you disturbance during the test and you might get fail.


A number of times people are worried about the theory test and all the details about it. The article helps you get informed about all the details that cover theory test just as when to have a theory test? How to book your online theory test? 

Not everyone is aware of every detail about car theory test, and they get worried about what to do to learn about the theory tests and what are the suitable requirements for the test. And for this, you need to review the following article.

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