When is my theory test and what are top theory driving centers

When is my theory test and what are top theory driving centers

Anyone can drive but not everyone is efficient enough to pass driving tests We assume that we know how to drive practically we can pass the driving test easily. To become a good driver, you must learn the basics of driving as well. A perfect driver must know the rules of driving and all the necessary instructions that encircle driving and theory test.

Many of the drivers pass the test at first, but few pass it in many attempts. Example: If someone is driving practically and without practicing goes for the DVSA theory test he will probably fail. Moreover, if you study and prepare well for the driving tests, you will definitely pass. 

The best way to prepare for your driving test is to practice the theory test online. Here are a few top places with the highest and lowest passing rate. According to the following article https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-46976751 the top places with the marked stats of April to December 2018, the driving pass rate.

Where can I take my Theory Test:

Confused about your theory test and driving skills and seeking the best places that can help you pass your driving test. It is difficult to find the best places that assure you of success but still, the question is 

Where to take a Theory Test?

But before test practice with the top theory tests centers. Here are a few places that guide you the best and make you learn everything you need to know about driving.

Top places with the highest passing rate:


The top place amongst all with the passing ratio of 84.9. It is located near rural areas. As the rural areas have their own challenges and harsh corners that can make you learn to drive safely.


The ratio covered within this place is about 83.3 and is situated on the busy roads of the town. The 40 minutes test also includes an eye test as well as the 10-minute review test about the things you have learned.


The ratio of this place is 83.3 as similar to Mallaig. It is also situated around rural areas where the roads are difficult to navigate with high traffic and oncoming vehicles as well.


The maximum ratio of Pitlochry had is 78.5. The highest among all in the country but the test center is small with an average of only 11 learners appearing in the exam every month.

Isle of Mull:

The ratio covered is around 77.8 percent provides an excellent result with the best test services proposed.


Although the test center is vast from 110 only 75.5 passed. Focusing on the idea of learning rather than practical but considering both it is the best institute to practice for the theory test.

Llandrindod Wells:

From 464 tests only 74.1 passed the test. This offers you to drive in urban areas for your practice and control over the speed.


The ratio of people passed the test is 73.7 making you polish your driving skills practicing more and more.

Islay Island: 

Only 72.4 percent of persons passed the test passed the center focuses both on theory as well as practical driving.


The ratio of the tests passed is 70.1. The top and reliable centers and are working for years with the best results.

The given top driving institutes that assure you success and faith that you would acquire the best skills of driving and probably will pass with the help of the online theory tests and practical driving lessons. All these institutes know how to make your practice on the basis of your driving skills.

It seems like the passing rate is higher in rural areas as compared to busy cities. This enables you to consider the fact that with less traffic and few hazards you can come across the best driving skills. But the driving instructors view it is more difficult to drive in rural areas as compared to urban areas.

According to DVSA:

Everyone driving or learning is on the same scale of learning and all are assessed in the same manner and their tests depend upon their performance of the day. No one is ever judged on good theory or good practical driving skills. It is necessary for everyone to learn the right driving skills and practice safe driving. To make you learn the basics of driving by both theory and practice is to make sure that you drive safely and avoid uncertainties during driving.

How long does a Theory Test Last:

The test is a combination of both multiple-choice questions and hazard test perception. That consists of almost 50 minutes that include 50 MCQs and 14 video clips per video one minute. So you don’t need to hurry and think well before answering any question.

What to take to the theory test:

You do not need anything except for the provisional license and the debit card for your driving theory test. The theory test need only verification and payment except that you don’t need anything with you.


When is my theory test? Am I prepared for it? For clearing all your confusion, you need to book online theory tests but where to book theory test? 

For your assistance and ease, we provide you with the top theory centers in the UK that will help you learn all the rules of driving and makes your driving skills. The best driving centers with the passing percentage that makes you develop your driving skills and assure you that a driving test is not that difficult to pass. Hopefully, all the doubts and confusions regarding the theory tests centers are cleared with this article. 

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