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Steps to pass the test


Prepare first

You must know the structure of the UK theory test and the type of questions you'll be required to answer. We'll provide you all the necessary material and mock tests to get you through in the first attempt.


Practice, Practice & Practice

Our mock tests are prepared according to the structure of the UK theory test. Practice these tests as many times as you can until you're confident that it's time to sit in the exam. Practicing will make you successful.

Pass the test, hurrah!

It's better to delay and practice well instead of rushing and failing. Once you're ready, sign up for the UK theory test with confidence and pass in the first go. You're now prepared to drive your vehicle in the UK.

Our guide, Your Drive

You can pass your test faster and effectively in just 3 steps

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Are you learning to drive?

Car Theory Test

Before you appear for your theory test, make sure you're fully prepared for it. Our website will help you achieve passing score by providing you access to:

  • Theory test's questions and answers sample
  • An informative study section with a guide to access The Official Highway Code
  • 100+ interactive hazard perception clips for your preparation

Best Practice for Coach, Bus or Lorry Drivers


If you are learning to drive any of these vehicles, we'll help you prepare and pass the UK theory test. We'll provide you instant access to:

  • Online test revisions questions and answers for LGV drivers and those who want to drive bus or coach.
  • You can prepare from more than 100 clips of hazard perception
  • You'll have access to The Official Highway Code's guide
LGV-HGV Theory Test

Fulfilling your Motorcycle Riding Dream

Motorbike Theory Test

Do you wish to drive a motorcycle but need to pass a UK theory test? Don't you worry, our instant guide will help you fulfill your dream.

  • Sample questions and answers for preparation
  • Over 100 interactive clips for hazard perception's preparation
  • Access the free Official Highway Code guide through us

What's included?

Practice Questions

Latest DVSA questions to help you have an idea about the theory test. You'll be more likely to see many of those questions in your test.

Prompt Feedback

We don't let you wait till the end of the test to find the answers to your questions. Get instant feedback right after every question you attempt.

Free Highway Code

Before attempting any questions, we recommend you to go through the Highway Code that is FREE.

Why Choose Us?

Because We Can Help You Pass Your Theory Test in Just One Go

Practice by categories

You can browse through our range of types of practice tests and perform as per your requirement of a license.

Practice 700+ study questions

Get access to more than 700 realistic questions to pass the UK theory test. Our practice tests are based on the real test's structure.

Performance Analysis report

We'll provide you a full analysis report of your mock test progress and where you lack. You can review, practice and perform again.

Challenge bank

All your missed or wrong answers will be placed here for you to review and retake later. The questions will remain here until answered correctly.

Smart Dashboard

You'll have your personalized dashboard where you can view all the mock tests you've purchased and the questions you've answered.

Unlimited attempts

There is no limit to attempting your mock test! Once you buy the test, you can practice as many times as you want.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are lower as compared to the market. We offer you practice tests that are not only effective but also at cheap rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – UK Theory Test

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When are the test centers open?

What should I bring to the test center with me?

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If I fail, when can I retake the test?